Middle Georgia Probation

Services to the Community

  • Banking, hiring, and doing business locally in the areas we serve.
  • Community Service projects that promote a clean appearance of towns and cities that we serve.
  • Public Safety through excellent case supervision.
  • Communication with law enforcement regarding their needs with warrant service, warrant round-ups, early incarceration release as authorized by the court as well as general support to law enforcement. 
  • Providing Risk Based Supervision to seek reducing recidivism and victimization of members of the local community.  

Middle Georgia Probation, LLC. continues to be a proud partner with the communities that we serve. It has been our philosophy that giving back is the Rent we pay for living and working in a better community.  MGP has generously given back to various charities and organizations each year to try to help the communities become better places to live and raise families. 

Please take a look at just a few of the areas our company has given back.

  1. MGP helps to place books in local schools for second graders to read and enjoy.  These books teach lessons about honesty, respect, patriotism, kindness, courage, responsibility, feelings, and self-worth.  The idea of reaching children before they can be turned down the wrong path was an easy choice for our company because we believe in the future of our children.  This Character development resource provided to local students in many areas where we have offices has been an awesome project and one that both faculty and students enjoy.  In addition, our company places other reading material in schools because we believe that a community’s investment in education is an investment in its future.  This mutually supportive relationship among our staff, parents, and schools contributes to the development of all and through such strong partnerships result.
  2. MGP has been a strong supporter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes over the years and fully supports the vision of seeing the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of student athletes and coaches.  The values of FCA include Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence.  These values are very similar to the values that our company operates by.
  3. MGP supports local chambers of commerce by way of membership and contributions to local fundraisers which help to support the activities of the Chambers.  MGP views the Chambers of Commerce as the lifeblood of the community and we fully support the economic development of the communities in which we serve. 
  4. MGP has been a strong supporter of such charities as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and the Relay for Life.  A healthy community is a thriving community and our company fully supports the effort to find cures for these diseases that affect so many of our loved ones.  The founding partner of our company, Bobby Couey, lost a son to Cystic Fibrosis and he and his wife have worked diligently over the years to give back to help find its cure.  A golf tournament in his sons name continues to this day and is sponsored each year by our company.
  5. Our local schools contact us each year to help sponsor athletic booster clubs and cheerleading programs.  Supporting students who are involved in after school activities has always been a priority as it keeps children busy and out of trouble.  The lessons learned on the playing field and during the training leading up to competition are invaluable to our young people and we gladly pearticipate in supporting them.
  6. MGP strongly supports The National Exchange Club as one of its owners, Eric Haskins, is the past president of the Exchange Club of Dublin.  Eric has also served as a division Director in Georgia and also recently served as the Chair of the State of Georgia speech competition where students from across the state compete.  The Exchange Club promotes Americanism, community service, youth, and Child Abuse prevention.
  7. MGP supports many other organizations across the state to include Fire departments, Police departments, Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes, Georgia Peace Officer’s Association, and many more.

Giving back to the communities in which we serve is an everyday thing for us and we stand ready to do the same thing in your community