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Welcome from the CEO

We believe that effective communication is essential in any relationship and our company aims to do that with our criminal justice colleagues and the defendants that we serve.  This website has been designed to help facilitate that desire and to enhance the services which we provide to our courts and offenders. Since its inception in 1994, our company has always maintained a philosophy of open dialogue with judges, law enforcement, victims, defendants, and others associated with the court system.  

Building Better Communities

We firmly believe in an approach with our offenders that encompasses a “firm but fair” philosophy.  Treating our offenders with respect and holding them accountable for their actions ensures that justice has been served.  Each offender is different with different circumstances. 

Middle GA Probation CEO

It is our ultimate goal for each offender to be a more productive member of society after having been supervised by our company.  Middle Georgia Probation offers services to the courts, such as risk-based supervision, that is aimed at reducing recidivism.  Community resources are a viable tool that our officers utilize to further enhance the level of community supervision offered to our courts.

Our company seeks to make a difference for those we supervise by teaching them to be accountable and responsible so that they will understand how and why to make better choices.  From drug and alcohol screens, GPS monitoring, alcohol monitoring, personal responsibility classes, and community service coordination, our company has the tools in place to help build better and safer communities.

Middle Georgia Probation emphasizes certain elements within our company, such as leadership, communication, accountability, trust and collaboration.

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