Middle Georgia Probation

Services to the Offender/Probationer

  • Referral for Substance Abuse Treatment/Counseling
  • Referral for Mental Health Treatment/Counseling
  • Facilitation of Anger Management Classes
  • Facilitation of Domestic Violence Intervention Course
  • Provide Personal Responsibility Classes
  • Job Assistance and encourage employment
  • Community Service in lieu of fine obligations only if Court Authorized
  • Provide professional , courteous supervision in an environment conducive to successful completion of probation.
  • Maintain contact with offenders to ensure compliance with court order.
  • Case transfer to other MGP locations.
  • All Offices open daily to allow probationers to work or go to school and have time to report when required.
  • Supervision that rewards compliance and good behavior of offenders.


What offenders need to know:

  1. Do not violate the criminal laws of any governmental unit.
  2. Avoid injurious and vicious habits-especially alcoholic intoxication and illegal narcotics
  3. Avoid persons or places of disreputable or harmful character
  4. Report to your Probation Officer as directed
  5. Work faithfully at suitable employment
  6. Do not change your address or move outside the court’s jurisdiction without permission
  7. Support your legal dependents to the best of your ability
  8. Pay all of your court ordered financial obligations as directed
  9. Complete all other court ordered obligations as directed.

The conditions that you just read are the general conditions of probation and must be adhered to in order for your probation to be completed in a successful manner.  It is our desire for you to complete your current sentence without committing any new offenses and to also avoid future cases after this case is completed.  It is very important that you take your case seriously and stay on track as your probation officer instructs you.  Listed below are some more helpful tidbits of information to assist you in the upcoming months.

  1. Our offices are open five days per week for your reporting needs. Report as instructed!
  2. When paying please be sure to bring a money order or cashier’s check.
  3. Always dress appropriately when reporting.  No tank tops or undergarments should be visible
  4. Keep up with any paperwork given to you associated with your case
  5. If you were ordered to stay away from a victim DO NOT CONTACT THEM IN ANY WAY!
  6. Make sure that you receive a receipt for every payment and keep up with them
  7. Please refer to the Department of Drivers Services website for DUI School Information.
  8. Complete any ordered community service hours as directed


What you can expect:

  1. Reporting dates and payment schedules will be set for you to abide by
  2. Assistance or referrals with any substance abuse issues.
  3. Frequent Drug/alcohol Screens if ordered by the court
  4. Firm but Fair and professional treatment by your probation officer.  You may dislike consequences if you violate conditions.
  5. Revocation Proceedings for committing new offenses after your sentence date could be a possibility depending on the charges
  6. You can expect your probation officer to fully explain your case and all obligations.