Middle Georgia Probation

Middle Georgia Probation, LLC was founded in 1994 in Dublin, Georgia.  At this time, private probation was still a relatively new concept to the State.  Bobby Couey, a former Chief Probation Officer in the Dublin Judicial Circuit founded the company upon his retirement from the Georgia Department of Corrections where he served under the Deputy Commissioner overseeing prisons.  Over the years, we expanded our operations throughout the central Georgia region.

Middle Georgia Probation was one of the first private companies to supervise misdemeanor cases from a State probation office by way of a Superior Court Judge’s order.  With the trust of the courts, we began to provide the level of community supervision that was needed and necessary to help backlogged court systems collect fines and supervise offenders.  In addition, the State Probation Officers were given more time to focus on felony offenders.  As the concept of private probation began to spread, more courts began turning to our company for solutions.

In 1998, Jack Kalada became co-owner with Bobby Couey.  In the years following, Jack served as CEO of the company.  It was during these years that the company experienced even more growth.

As MGP grew so did its employee base.  This growth called for shifts in the chain of command and more oversight so MGP implemented Area Managers and District Managers to assist in field operations.  This level of management helped to strengthen the services provided to the courts and provided stability to the communities in which MGP located. 

In an ever changing society, Middle Georgia Probation is at the forefront of enhancing community supervision in the communities it serves.  Over the years, many things have changed but the mission of MGP remains the same.  As our company continues to evolve we are just as committed as we were in 1994 to providing the best possible service to the courts