Middle Georgia Probation

Our Team

Eric Haskins

Rachel Land
Area Manager

Kevin Goodwin
District Manager

Denese Townsend
Human Resources Manager

Eric Haskins,  CEO

Eric Haskins is the CEO of Middle Georgia Probation.  He is a native of Laurens County and still resides there today.  Eric is a graduate of Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  Upon graduating from college, Eric was employed by Middle Georgia Probation as a Probation Officer.  His responsibilities as a probation officer were to manage a caseload, provide direction and information to the courts, and ensure compliance with sentences.  While serving as a Probation Officer, Eric encouraged positive behavioral change among his probationers.

In June of 1995, Eric was promoted to Area Manager of the Dublin office.  His responsibilities as Area Manager, under limited supervision, were to manage and coordinate all operations of a satellite office and team of probation officers in the delivery of probation services to the courts, the offender, and the community.

In 1997, Eric became Regional Director of Middle Georgia Probation.  While serving as Regional Director, Eric provided management and coordination of probation personnel, services, programs and office administration for a number of satellite offices.  In early 1999, Eric was promoted to Director of Operations where his responsibilities included assisting the Vice-President in the daily operations of the company to include budgeting, personnel, service to the courts, accounting, and direction of the company.

In 2001, Eric became Vice-President and his responsibilities involved assisting the CEO in daily operations of the company.  Eric was responsible for all field operations and worked closely with field staff to ensure that Middle Georgia Probation provided the best possible service to the courts.

In 2009, Eric became the CEO and his responsibilities include the overall direction and management of the company.  While many of his daily activities include fiscal management, he is still very much involved with field operations and ensuring that the courts get the service that has come to be expected from Middle Georgia Probation.

Kevin Goodwin,  District Manager

Kevin Goodwin is a District Manager for Middle Georgia Probation.  He is from Dublin, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia with Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Criminal Justice Studies in 1997.

Kevin started as a part-time employee in 1998. The next year he was promoted to Probation Officer. As a Probation Officer, Kevin managed a caseload of probationers and worked diligently with the courts and law enforcement to ensure compliance and successful completion of all terms and conditions of probation.

In 1999, Kevin was promoted to Area Manager. His responsibilities as Area Manager consisted of the basic management of office personnel, coordination of operations and delivering quality services to the courts, the offender, and the community.

Kevin was promoted to the position of District Manager in 2006.  As District Manager, he provides management and coordination of personnel for six offices in the middle Georgia area. He also assists the CEO in the day to day operations of the company and assists in public relations to assure that all courts are serviced to their satisfaction.

Rachel Land,  Area Manager

Rachel is a District Manager for Middle Georgia Probation.  She currently resides in Hazlehurst, Georgia.  She is responsible for the day to day operations of the Hazlehurst office and supervises the Area Managers in the Baxley, Eastman, Pooler and Vidalia offices.   Prior to joining Middle Georgia Probation, Rachel was employed with another private probation company as Probation Officer from 1994 until 1999.  Earlier in her career, she worked in the criminal justice field with the Hazlehurst Police Department, Jeff Davis County Sheriff Department, Clerk of Superior Court of Jeff Davis County and was a part-time employee with Department of Juvenile Justice.

Rachel’s responsibilities as Area Manager included overseeing the daily operation of the Hazlehurst office by directing the delivery of probation services to the courts, the offender, and the community; to manage a caseload of probationers to ensure compliance with the probation sentence and to oversee all office personnel.

Denese Townsend, Human Resources Manager

Denese Townsend has been a native of Laurens County and still resides there today. 

Before joining MGP Denese served as Administrative Supervisor with Hospice of Laurens County.  Some of her duties included, but were not limited to the following; personnel, review of reports, performance evaluation, policy development, program planning and coordination and development of employee programs.

Denese has been with MGP since August 2005.  She is responsible for Human Resources and related financial operations.

Denese has attended and completed numerous courses, seminars and training conferences that has attributed to her strong knowledge of related issues and practices dealing with human resources and financial matters.