Middle Georgia Probation

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a custom designed web based information management system created from 50+ years of combined probation industry experience resulting in an efficient, cost effective and user friendly interface for the complete management of probationer information.


Middle Georgia Probation designed PIMS to meet all of your probationer information management needs.  PIMS seamlessly integrates all aspects of case management into an easy-to-use online system that includes standardized case documents (i.e. warrants, court petitions, etc.), automated probationer contacts (via phone, texting and email), digital case documentation storage, a wide range of report generation options, probation condition tracking and much, much more.



Searching Made Easy

PIMS makes it easy to find specific probationers and cases by using any of the various searchable criteria that are available for every probationer in PIMS.


Probationer Profile

In addition to a probationer photo, the profile page contains detailed information about the probationer's case(s), their mailing/physical address(es) as well as personal identification information (i.e. race, gender, hair color, height, etc.)


Automated Contacts

To help probation officers maintain routine contact with probationers, PIMS can automate land line calling or mobile texting for reminders of missed appointments.

Reports / Documents

With over 100 predefined reports and case documents already in PIMS, finding the right report or preparing any of the mergeable case documentation forms is easy.



For more information about how PIMS can meet your organization's needs for probationer information management, fill out the form below to contact us today.  Personalized online demos can be scheduled upon request.