Middle Georgia Probation

Middle Georgia Probation is a private probation company registered with the State to contract with courts in Georgia at the misdemeanor level for probation supervision. Middle Georgia Probation employs professional, competent and reliable probation officers who meet the requirements for the position as set by State guidelines. Our officers have a minimum of an Associate Degree or the equivalent college credit hours and or four years Post Certified Law Enforcement experience. Our officers must pass a background check and a drug urinalysis for employment. Middle Georgia Probation is a “drug free workplace” to ensure that we deliver solid ethical services to our courts and the probationers.

Middle Georgia Probation works in court systems and seeks to assist in all aspects of facilitating effective probation supervision by working closely with the court and its officials.  Furthermore, we utilize outside resources as approved by the court to assist in helping the probationers meet the obligations of their sentences.
Middle Georgia Probation also supervises misdemeanor and felony bond cases and reports to the court any violations of the conditions of bond. We place victim’s rights and public safety at the forefront of operations always taking into consideration the impact that our service has on local communities in which we serve.

Middle Georgia Probation’s philosophy in dealing with probationers is to be “firm but fair”.  Our goal is that each court that we serve has trust that having an MGP officer in the courtroom will result in business being conducted in a professional manner.  We strive for successful completion of all the cases that we supervise. Probationers under supervision of Middle Georgia Probation are treated with respect and are encouraged to complete their probated sentence successfully and afterwards move forward to a productive and prosperous life.

Middle Georgia Probation’s officers are provided continuous training relevant to their jobs under state guidelines.  It is our belief that good communication is the key to the success of each component of the criminal justice system.  Specifically, our officers are trained on proper and appropriate communication techniques as well as report writing, revocation proceedings, company policy, compliance with governing authority and many more topics to have our probation officers ready to handle any issue that may arise.
Probationer supervision is the area that we specialize in and we treat our role with respect and loyalty to our partners in the criminal justice system.